Insight Science Leadership Collaborative Lab Vol. 2

Greetings from the Science Leadership Collaborative team! 2022 has only started, but our little laboratory of thoughts, dreams, and ideas has been up and running, coming to you with some of the activities and development in SLC.

SLC is officially online! 

We are thrilled to announce that SLC is officially online. Find out more and catch up with the program through

Important reminder: the application period has started!

Mark the dates, spread the word! The application process will end on the 27th of March.

Selection process snippet: “What drives collaboration?” 

In preparation for the application process, key members of the SLC facilitation and application teams came together to identify the key competencies of collaboration. Six key competencies were agreed upon. The team subsequently worked together to identify the behavioral indicators to enable assessors to provide feedback on how SLC applications collaborate. The assessors will include experienced professional assessors, mentors, and even the applicants.  All the assessors will be invited to a self-driven microlearning training process to hone their observation skills

Help us understand how people perceive what it takes to collaborate by taking this survey.

What has been cooking in the SLC lab? 

Scoping study report dissemination

The event was attended by 143 participants, the report and its dissemination sparked discussion among researchers from all backgrounds. We also received feedback regarding the challenges early career researchers faced in doing their research. Many showed much enthusiasm in the possibility of attending SLC. 

Stories of Science 2.0: What Makes a Good Mentor?

Researchers got to interact and exchange their stories, whether as mentors or mentees. The event was attended by 20 researchers coming of all ages and expertise. This event also provided substantial input on the more significant framework of mentorship design for SLC. 

Science communication discussion and workshop

A collaboration with a renowned Indonesian science communication organization KokBisa, highlighting the importance of science communication in Indonesia. The discussion was attended by scientists who had been actively promoting science communication on various platforms. Our first event held on the Twitter space was participated in by 443 active Twitter accounts.

Followed by a workshop,  science communication will be one of the modules that all SLC cohorts will attend and benefit from; the workshop was a smaller, more technical session on how to translate research data and findings to communicate it to the masses.

New interns and getting to know SLC Program Manager

Zeni Lestari (Communication Intern) has a great interest in communication and its relation to socio-political science, particularly gender and employment. As an intern, she hopes to learn more about the communication needs of a project. She enjoys being part of the SLC team for its excellent teamwork and comfortable environment, which enable the intern to learn and grow.

Fryda Agustin (Program Intern) is ecstatic to be a Program Intern at SLC! Fryda wishes to optimize her experience here to meet many new people and learn about program management. Fryda looks forward to the next three months and being exposed to an intellectually stimulating environment and getting valuable experience under the guidance of this wonderful team.

Joshua Pradipta (Creative Intern) is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in visual communication design and decided to put his skills into practice by partaking in the internship program in Science Leadership Program. Joshua is happy to have this excellent opportunity to join the SLC Creative team. He hopes to learn many things about design supported by a professional environment.

O’ captain, our Captain! 

Fito has a great interest in the sciences, from archaeology to birdwatching. Yet his current obsession that he does on a day-to-day basis would be home-cooking. Fito had been experimenting inside his kitchen by creating recipes from all over the world. During the pandemic, he also dabbles in the arts of taking care of his belongings, such as learning how to do proper maintenance for shoes all the way to kitchen knives. Joining the SLC last July 2021, Fito believes that this program is filled with potential. After several years of exploring the Business development role, Fito wants to test his core strength in partnership and project management. 

Fito mentioned how the work in SLC has been fun. Being the captain of the ship, he got the chance to work with so many people from all over the world with interesting backgrounds and specialties. Every day the ship sails, and it is always filled with new adventures.  Fito wishes that the program shall help Indonesian ECRs develop their leadership skills to become better leaders in the future. He is looking forward to the next 5 to 10 years that our cohorts become DG in the Indonesian governments or international organizations. May they create meaningful impacts on the world. More importantly, he wishes to see the program continue and exist for many more years.

Updates on the mentorship: potential partnership and finding our mentors

Mentoring is a critical part of the development process for any leader.  So far, the SLC has engaged Savitri Geg, an international facilitator and organizational development consultant, to design the mentoring experience for both the mentors and the mentees.  We wanted to reach out, providing a vast array of mentors with various backgrounds to ensure the fulfillment of this vision we have been in touch with various international organizations and potential collaborators such as the representative from the National Academies of Sciences (United States), Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education IMFHAE (Spain, US), WATTLE Program (Australia and New Zeland),  David Porush (award-winning mentoring organization the United States) Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia Internasional I4 (Indonesia), and UKICIS (Indonesia).

In addition, mentors will be encouraged to join the Warm Data series, become assessors in the application process, join the learning sessions, and attend the program’s final event.

What’s next? 

SLC Online Roadshow 

We wish that we could go on the road; however, due to the pandemic we have to opt for an online roadshow; SLC Online Roadshow aims to introduce Collaborative Science Leadership to those who are spread across various regions in Indonesia, especially researchers who have various universities. This activity is expected to increase the number and diversity of Science Leadership Collaborative registrants, either directly or indirectly.

Resourceme and Microlearning

The work that we are doing in Resourceme will support the microlearning aspect or self-driven learning process of the program. The learning and development platform will be utilized throughout the program to ensure the continuation of learning and foster growth among the cohort. The design is in place, we cannot wait until we can show what’s been bubbling under this particular platform. 

Once again thank you for being a treasured part of the SLC network, the work here has been exciting and we can’t wait to share more of it with you in our next newsletter!

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