Insight Science Leadership Collaborative Lab ​Vol. 1

Greetings! In our newsletter, we are happy to share our progress during the development of our program and let you into our little laboratory of thoughts, dreams, and ideas as we are making things happen for Indonesian scientists. 

Stories of Science: StoryMatcher Workshop for Indonesian Scientists

On top of our list, we met the scientists. Through the Stories of Science, our team was able to meet 50+ Indonesian scientists of all levels and coming from different fields of science.

Through this event, Indonesian scientists shared their stories, voiced their dreams and concerns for the future of the Indonesian research landscape. 

We are looking forward to holding more of these events to make sure that our conversation does not end there. By being part of this vast network of scientists, we observed the need for time and space for scientists to collaborate and hear from each other. 

Leading Edge Tool in Vertical Development Field

Our work in this workshop will be used in the StoryMatcher app—a leading-edge tool developed by Dr. Rainer Von Leoprechting of Fraendi. Most assessments of vertical development are complex tools that eat up time from the respondents and assessors alike. This breakthrough tool from Fraendi makes the process quick, simple, and engaging by using story selection as the means of identifying where respondents are in the vertical development journey.  

Mapping Out The Needs and Challenges of Early Career Researchers in Indonesia

The 16th APRU Multi Hazards Symposium 2021 attendees watched Dr. Mizan Bisri presentation based on the scoping studies work. This report and its data is also a foundation of SLC. 

Dr. Bisri’s work received an excellent commendation from the panels coming back as one of the best oralists at this conference.

This research will be published in various channels. As an academic journal article, a special report, and The Conversation Indonesia’s own editorial. The insight from the research will be made available for all to access by next January 2022. Dr. Bisri’s insights are being incorporated into the design of the SLC curriculum and assessment processes.

Welcome Aboard!

Our team is growing and we are proud to introduce the newest members of #SLC. 

Dewi Mulyani Setiawan is joining our team as the communication officer, with prior work in research and managing communication plans for Cakra Wikara Indonesia. Dewi will be handling the program’s communication to sew up our communication strategy and promotions. Making sure our message of science is received. 

Krisna Ann is joining our team as the creative content creator, with an inspiring portfolio in design. Krisna brought her creativity and dedication to her past organization, the Wilwatikta Foundation. And now Krisna will be sparking more of her contagious creativity and design work with all of us in Science Leadership Collaborative. 

New Partnership Alert

Foundation for Communication Initiative (FOCI) has been the home of brilliant communication minds in Manila, Philippines. FOCI has vast experience in working with global partners and in doing global commercial work. Our partnership with FOCI will bring forward our work in developing new advertising strategies for #SLC.  

FOCI’s CEO Emily Abrera was the CEO of McCann Philippines for many years where she won global awards for decades.  Creative Director Kathleen Mojica helped transform advertising through her roles in McCann Vietnam and McCann Philippines and her radio advertising agency, Hear Hear.

Developing #SLC Visual Identity

What is Science Leadership Collaborative without its mark of science in our program’s visual identity? We make sure that the spirit of science, leadership, and collaboration are represented in our newly developed visual identity. Working closely with The Conversation Global we came up with a refreshing colour palette and the program’s brand guideline that will be used throughout the program. 

What is next?

Toward a sustainable program 

We must ensure that our program upholds a sustainable vision, that our program will thrive in years to come, supporting the evolution of Indonesian science.  To that end, we have already invited world-class Indonesian senior facilitators to join the program will continue to march forward to the beats of Indonesian science. Therefore we are delighted to have our Indonesian facilitators to joining and facilitate the program: 

Savitri Geg will be leading the mentorship program and collaborating with TCID on social media training.

Rival Ahmad is part of a cohort of Indonesian facilitators who will train at the Bateson Institute in Warm Data. 

The Hunt for Mentors 

Finding mentors has been one of our top priorities in the design program team. We are currently working on the mentor criteria to make certain that our cohorts will have the guidance and support from the best and brightest minds to guide them in their journey of becoming science leaders. 

We are also exploring potential global relationships for this part of the process.  We have initiated a preliminary discussion with Rodd Myers and Ahmad Utomo, Rodd is a CIFOR Associate on the Equal Opportunity, Gender, Justice, and Tenure Research Team, while Ahmad is a science communicator also widely known as Pak Ahmad, a leading Indonesian scientist in molecular biology. 

Thank you for reading our first newsletter and keeping up with the notes from our team, we will see you in our next newsletter with more exciting updates! 

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