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Application Guideline

Please read this section carefully as you complete the application form. The application can only be submitted online through

Before completing the online form, all applicants should check that they comply with the eligibility requirements and ensure all necessary information is presented in the application. These requirements are strictly adhered to and applications without all the necessary information, or evidence to show the assessment criteria are met, will be rejected.

The application form consists of the following sections:

  • Summary
  • Eligibility criteria check
  • Contact details
  • Applicant career summary
  • Current and main research project alignment with the SLC themes
  • Organizational and/or department support/Letter of Permit
  • References
  • Application Declaration

Successful applicants will be talented Indonesian early-to mid career researchers (ECRs) who are ready to develop their independence and have the potential to become leaders in their field Underrepresented groups, including women, ECRs with disabilities, ECRs from disadvantaged regions, ECRs with an origin from an ethnic tribe / indigenous people, are encouraged to apply.

The Conversation Indonesia seeks for Indonesian ECRs with:

A doctorate degree conferred within 10 years

A clear scientific publication records or patents or proof of excellence in the four research themes: marine/ocean science & coastal development, climate change, health and medicine, and community resilience

An affiliation with institutions based in Indonesia

*doctoral candidates and postgraduates with an exceptional track record of scientific production and patents are welcome to apply.


The Conversation Indonesia recognizes there are diverse research career paths, as well as the challenges of managing a research career alongside other personal commitments. When reviewing applicants’ eligibility and research experience, The Conversation Indonesia will take into consideration time spent outside the research environment (e.g. time away due to personal reasons such as maternity, paternity, or other caring responsibilities; ill-health, or working in a non-research environment/role such as industry or structural position).

Furthermore, where applicants have taken formal periods of maternity, paternity, or extended sick leave, the Conversation Indonesia will assess potential implications to the applicant’s availability to complete the whole duration of the SLC. Each case will be considered individually, and the employing organization may need to confirm that the applicant qualifies for this personal provision. Supporting documents may be requested for individual cases at the TCID’s discretion. The TCID reserves the right to consider individual requests outside of the outlined policy in exceptional circumstances.

The SLC scheme is designed to support applicants towards an independent research career. Participation in similar capacity-building programs (such as fellowships or training) and attracting other grant fundings, in addition to the SLC, strengthen your career. Subject to regular disclosure to the TCID, it may be permissible for applicants to participate in other programs or hold additional research grants. The TCID expects that participation in other programs should not compromise the ability to attend and deliver tasks of the SLC agenda.

Assessment Criteria

The primary considerations are listed below. Successful applications should be strong in all respects of the following:

past achievements, research career to date, publication record, likely contribution to the research fields and beyond, degree of independence and/or potential, and how the SLC will further the individual’s independent career.

importance and scientific merit of the proposed research and clarity, quality and originality of the current main project, feasibility and definition of the research plan, likely contributions to the research fields and beyond.

How the proposed research and/or professional portfolio of the applicants fit the four research themes (marine/ocean science & coastal development, climate change, health and medicine, and community resilience) and will address the global and national challenges.

How the SLC will strengthen the individual’s capacity (as part of their career trajectory) and contribute to building capacity in the applicant’s permanent organization and his/her academic/professional networks; and what value it will add to strengthening the capacity of the field of research in Indonesia and beyond.

applicants that demonstrate behaviours and capacity for collaboration, research leadership, and systems influence, with the following proven/potential competencies: influence, creating the learning space, collaboration, innovation, growth mindset, self-awareness, adaptability/resilience, strategic and system thinking, team management and culture of mentoring, research entrepreneurship, and science communication.


Review and Selection Process

  • All applications to the SLC will be assessed by the TCID and its implementing partners (CARI, CommonThread, Fraendi, RQ Genesis), and the Packard Foundation.
  • There are five application activities, which are divided into three stages, to assess and review an applicant’s credentials and suitability to the SLC.

Both successful and failed applicants will benefit from the application and selection processes through a closing debrief at each stage.

Please be assured that the TCID specifically requests anyone involved in reviewing applications to consider them in confidence.

There will be a routine process of due diligence undertaken with all successful applicants. Due diligence will begin after successful applicants have been notified and must be completed before the SLC starts. 

25 February 2022

Opening date of application

between 25 February-10 April 2022 as part of the application process

StoryMatcher selections

10 April 2022

Closing date of application

April 2022

First-round announcement and the invitation to Group Observations

April 2022

Group Observations

April 2022

Second-round announcement and the invitation to Innovation Capability Assessment and Panel Interview

April 2022

Innovation Capability Assessment

April 2022

Panel Interview

May 2022

Selected Participants announcement

Application Form Guideline

Please read this section carefully as you complete the application form.