Science Leadership Collaborative

Science Leadership Collaborative (SLC) is a program that aims to transform 30 high-potential science researchers into more effective leaders — champions who can shape the future of their respective fields of expertise, the ecosystems they operate in, and ultimately, Indonesian societies.

I fully support this program as part of our effort to nurture young Indonesian scientists. We need scientific leaders to take initiative. I believe this kind of initiative is quite effective to help us achieve our goal.

Prof. Sangkot Marzuki

Former Chair of Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia
If you are a researcher, ready and eager to lead and serve the broader community, and seeking to increase your capacity as a research leader, The Science Leadership Collaborative Program is for you.

Prodita Sabarini

CEO/Publisher of The Conversation Indonesia
This program is expected to give birth to a generation of young scientists who are able to actualize ideas and thoughts, and produce new breakthroughs that can compete globally.

Dr. Sastia Prama Putri

Chair of Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia Internasional (I-4)
Who can apply?

The Conversation Indonesia seeks for Indonesian ECRs with:

A doctorate degree conferred within 10 years*

A clear scientific publication records or patents or proof of excellence in the four research themes: marine/ocean science & coastal development, climate change, health and medicine, and community resilience

An affiliation with institutions based in Indonesia

*doctoral candidates and postgraduates with an exceptional track record of scientific production and patents are welcome to apply

The application for this year’s program has been closed.


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